Following is a short list of products developed by Epina most recently:
SDL Component Suite
The SDL Component Suite is an industry leading collection of components supporting scientific and engineering computing.
A software system for hyperspectral imaging which not only supports a large amount of spectroscopic techniques but also allows to create multisensor images. Of course, chemometrics is on-board....
A package for statistical data analysis, especially designed for students and teachers ("just the right size to work with it within minutes").
The Virtual Institute of Applied Science provides a bunch of free ebooks and learning material. Epina supports VIAS by províding technological support.
Epina BookShelf
An electronic library system to access both "classical" (scanned paper based) books and eBooks (based on HTML) in the same way. This way "old" scanned books become as flexible as Web pages.
A SPICE based package for the development of passive electronic circuits. This package has been developed by order of Infineon Semiconductors.
PhotoGlobe Explorer
PhotoGlobe Explorer is a PC-based software for managing georeferenced photos.
A simple but efficient batch rename utility (more or less a fun product for nerds ;-).
World of Infineon Discretes
An electronic textbook on semiconductor physics and electronics. Epina provided the technology for this outstanding ebook.
A full-grown document database system with an integrated viewer and many high-power utilities to keep your documents in sync.
Give your printed books a second chance! The PixLibris system is a technology for creating ebooks from scanned printed material.
Delphi Tutorial
It is what it says.... If you want to start to learn how to program under Delphi you probably need this free course.
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